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✦ Dalila Kayros + Xover ✦

Mercredi 28 février à 20:00 – 22h30
DALILA KAYROS (Sardinia, Italy)
Musician, Vocal researcher and Composer. One of the main figure in the Italian experimental music scene.
‘Transmutations’ is the new Dalila’s work that brings the audience into a journey from electronic art-pop to noisy and aggressive sounds. She is the lead voice of band SYK and she played in several festivals and venues across Europe.
artist page: http://bettysturquoisechain.virb.com/dalilakayros
website: http://www.dalilakayros.com
video: https://youtu.be/DCeJeAgTUNYXOVER is an electronic sound and visual performance played by Danilo Casti (Sardinia, Italy) and Travis McCoy Fuller (Boston, USA). XOVER sounds structures are deconstructed to disrupt time perception and audio spaces, overlapped by generative visual textures. The project exists as well as a solo version played by Danilo Casti.
They played in several festivals and venues across Europe, US, Japan and South East Asia.
artist page: http://bettysturquoisechain.virb.com/xover
website: http://www.danilocasti.com
video: https://youtu.be/Et_Z0lr_BZIMultipass: Entre 2/5 euro + Adhésion Prix Libre
Commence à l′Heure 20h/20h/20h/20h/20h/20h/20h
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