⛧Haiku Funeral & Craig Walkner ⛧ Daemonicreator DJ Set⛧

Jeudi 7 Décembre à 21h00

* HAIKU FUNERAL (Bulgaria/USA) & Craig Walkner (Chicago/USA)

Dark visitations from syncopated, hypnotic, lysergic and erotic rites – musick and magick are intertwined and explored. hallucinogenic. HAIKU FUNERAL was born in a smoke-filled recording studio in Marseille, France on Halloween night of 2008. The result is music that could be described as hallucinogenic, sinister, and visionary. HAIKU FUNERAL is: Dimitar Dimitrov (electronics, keyboards, vocals) William Kopecky (bass, vocals)

Craig Walkner
Electro-Acoustic Drummer. Producer. Composer. Educator.

* DAEMONICREATOR DJ set (Occult / Dark Ambient)

Ouverture des portes : 20h30
Entre 2 et 5 euros + Adhésion à prix libre